About Us

AMKNA Design Studio was founded by ESLAM SAYED ALI  in 2014. AMKNA focuses on rigorous research and development and leads projects, of all scales and styles, from conceptualization through cost analysis and construction.

Our remarkably talented team is constantly stretching its capacity to collaborate with clients in order to produce extraordinary and world class results.

We believe in a direct approach to design and problem solving that might be described as ‘creative collaboration’. We see our clients as collaborators in a seamless dialogue that extends throughout the life of the project. We listen carefully in order to document client strategies and aspirations. We explore both straightforward and unexpected solutions while confirming that the design can be realized within client’s brief and project budget.

We understand the social and economic forces currently shaping communities and their impact on built environments of the future. Our founders were the innovators of their time, and we are leaders in the debate on how and where we work, meet, live, learn and heal

Design methodology underpins every aspect of the design. While the design solution must meet a broad range of criteria – environmental, social, functional, financial – the clarity and integrity of the design concept is the principal driving force in design development.